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  • SeDale Barkley

MANA : A Twighlife Original

If Club Opera were a real place, what would it look like ? What type of music would we hear ? What kind of stories would we tell ? In these questions, I came up with Twighlife Fatale : the female representation of the Club Opera brand.

Shot by @cinextvisuals

Life is beautiful and at the same time complex.. The idea behind Club Opera is that in our darkest, or craziest times, we can create something beautiful that brings us peace even if just for a moment.

The idea behind Twighlife Fatale is to show there’s beauty in that complexity .

If there was ever a woman who exemplifies this concept, it's Mana Afshar . (@inkedoutcast) .

Shot by my one of the dopest people ever, Veronica aka “Sniper” @cinextvisuals , this the first and honestly best example of my vision for this brand. I’m forever grateful for this video and these two ladies in particular. Thankyou girls for sharing my vision and helping me lay a blueprint and a standard to follow moving forward.

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