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Anyway : Songs that Resonate

"In life, 3 of the biggest commonalities amongst us are : We all want to be loved, accepted and acknowledged. I'm sure there's been a time you felt looked over or "slept on". Whether it was on a sports team growing up, a job opportunity, or a relationship, we've all felt this way to some degree. With social media, the economic disparity in our communities , and the constantly promoted ideas of what "success" and " beauty" looks like, it's easy to feel inferior. It's also really easy to look over the value in other people. It's easy to sleep on yourself as well. I've been on every side of this spectrum which is why I wrote a song about it". - Sly Barkley

Full video here :

"Anyway" is a series of emotions translated through catchy lyrics, detailed production and dark, beautifully intricate melodies... A hint of Travis Scott, mixed with Purple rain, and a shot of the Weeknd. If there was ever a song to exemplify the Club Opera sound, this is it.

Cinematography done by EJN Photos

Shot /directed by the talented Gilbert Amador, we are brought this stunning visual..

Performed by Sly Barkley, Starring the beautiful Sarine Sarinek, we watch the star in her nonchalant yet sexy demeanor be admired, then later courted by the aspiring artist .

Eye catching Artwork and classy ranchero vibes, mixed with a little goth aesthetic.. "Anyway" is an undeniable hit.

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