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  • SeDale Barkley

Last Dance : Till the Next One

Full video here

The classic case of “Girls Just Wanna have Fun”lol. This video is brought to you by genuine good energy, creative minds, snacks and tequila.

There were a lot of moving parts, and we couldn’t have done it without Leigh Levi (coordinator / makeup artist ).

With last minute time changes, girls canceling, a venue change and last minute videographer change, the shoot turned out a lot different than we planned. But in the end it honestly turned out perfect.

The small group allowed us to give all the girls their shine, and the videographer change allowed us to work with Lis from Stoner Shenanigans.. With the addition of Lis, the women were officially running the Asylum and this created a fun and comfortable space for all the girls.

Pics done by Elijah Newsome @ejn_gm

Shout out to all these ladies. You guys Killed it and we’re all a pleasure to work with. Thankyou for your individual styles and thank you for your energy . Cheers to the next one !

Bianka @_biankaobregon_

Natalie @Nalidel

Dania @thedanianasri

Kathryn @kittiemonroe96

Leigh @leighlevimua

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