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DES MOINES : A Diamond in the Rough

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

In revamping the Club Opera brand, we've had the privilege

of working with some  amazing people who have helped us sort out our ideas and paint this new picture of what  Club Opera should look like.  The results have been fun, exiting  and intriguingly pretty damn sexy.. But perhaps the most exciting and biggest surprise has come from our Twighlife Fatale shoot with the beautiful Mandi Rose out of Des Moines Iowa.

Curated and shot by Jon aka @Shiftedfocusdsm and Katie @kss_kodel  the trio blessed us with the perfect mix of sinister and sexy in a one minute clip and pics. The goal of our content is to give the feel of a feature film with everything we do whether visually or musically. These artists nailed it and the feedback/ interest stemming from the shoot has been amazingly positive.

  We found a diamond in the rough indeed and this LA to Iowa connection is nothing to sleep on 💯. We hope you enjoy this set, and we look forward to seeing more from this group very soon.

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