• SeDale Barkley

Nights Like These : The Concept

Nights Like These : All the crazy, funny, unplanned, sometimes unbelievable sh** that happens when we party haha. All the things we are having too much fun doing to be able to record. I've always said i have a lot of those nights and I've been looking for someone to goo out with us and record these nights. WELL FINALLY 2 things happened. I made a friend, Dj Juice who spins every Thursday in Pasadena where I can now perform monthly, and I reconnected with an old friend Keith from college who is now my camera guy. So now that we got the venue, and the camera man, we were able to show people on the outside lookin in how we really get down. The lifestyle part of the brand is meant to showcase how I and whoever is associated is living. This video represents the party side. What I hope to accomplish with these videos & events is to show that we all just have a genuine good time, nothing planned, or staged, no fake just a genuine good ass time. Real....