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SeDale Barkley

      South Central LA born and raised in 1992, in a single parent home, SeDale was always a little more mature and strong willed then most his age. He was one of those kids that people always felt could do anything he put his mind too. His mom and dad both enjoyed art as kids and although just a hobby for them, Art was something they always urged SeDale to pursue.  Although SeDale was involved in and pretty good at many things, and had a strong love for sports especially, his parents always said art was his "ticket".


        Music was also always a big part of his life and growing up in the church he sang in the choir until he was about 12, while also taking an interest in the drums, piano and song writing. Since high school SeDale had two general ideas : Make his own music, and start his own clothing line. As the years have gone bye those two ideas have continued to evolve and in 2014 he came up with the name Club Opera for a mixtape title which then turned into the name for his brand. 


  " #ClubOpera represents the idea that our lives are like an opera. We go through so many changes emotionally, and experience so many different things good and bad, that at times life can be confusing, as well as clearer then ever and calm as well as overbearingly hectic. Those are the feelings and vibes that inspire my music as well as my art work. It's simple.....Music is art, art is  life, and life... is ClubOpera." -SeDale 

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